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Sports Entertainers

Football juggler

HIRE SPORTS ENTERTAINERS You can now inspire guests at your corporate event, thanks to our incredible collection of sports entertainers and performers. They are regularly used for product launches, trade shows, exhibitions, and of course all sports related events.  They have the ability to present a wide range of sports including Bike riding, free-running, capoeira […]

Stilt Walker


HIRE STILT WALKERS Stilt walking is such a useful form of entertainment as it has numerous ways it can us used and is always eye catching and always makes your event spectacular.  There are many different types and style of stilts there is the articulated stilt, the bouncing stilts, short stilts and of course the classic […]

Street Theatre


HIRE STREET THEATRE ARTISTS Street Theatre is available for all types of events. They are the favorite option for festivals, carnivals and themed outdoor events. They complete a number of activities ranging from physical comedy, circus performance and musical acts. If you are looking for a traditional eccentric artists, Corporate Entertainment Agency, CEA, has got it […]

Robots for Hire

HIRE ROBOTS Our robot hiring services are fortunately affordable and readily available.  If you are looking for that hi-tech feel then Corporate Entertainment Agency, CEA, is the place you should go to if you are hoping to make your upcoming special event awesome, incredible and full of technology.  We can offer exciting and unique Robots […]

Walkabout Animals

HIRE WALKABOUT ANIMAL CHARACTERS If you have a themed outside event you may want to hire our walkabout animals to give your family event a great photo opportunity, Corporate Entertainment Agency has a uniquely array of walkabout animals giving a variety of characters, which ranges from penguins to moles, to mythical creatures to extinct Walkabout Dinosaurs […]

Walkabout Characters

HIRE WALKABOUT CHARACTERS If you are looking for something completely different, fun or unique for your next event then take a look at our walkabout characters.  Our best walkabout characters include: Victorian people, futuristic people, aliens, hedge tree men, LED artists, comedy waiters, robots, art themed dancers, pirates, mirrored women & men, mythical creatures, animals and […]

Walkabout Musical Acts

Ants Orchestra

HIRE WALKABOUT MUSICAL ACTS Surprise your guests with our Walkabout Musical Entertainers that will surely leave them amazed! If you are planning an event, then this will give your guests a treat while the walkabout music entertainers move from place to place serenading as they go.  A roaming band that is experienced will simply create an […]


All female acrobatic troupe

HIRE ACROBATS AND PERFORMERS Acrobats are one of the most versatile and elegant sort of entertainment that’s offered by our company.  Our acrobats have the capability to showcase impressive and incredible feats of flexibility, agility and strength and are suitable for any kind of ceremony, gala dinners and product launches are among the events that […]

Roaming Carnival

stage shows to hire

HIRE ROAMING CARNIVAL ACTS Are you looking for an exciting roaming acts that will bring a carnival feel to your event? You can rely on our Carnival performers who specialise in giving impressive shows to amaze your guests. They embrace a wide range of themes that include Circus, Rio Carnival, Unique and the Bizarre. They guarantee […]

Fire Acts

fire performers paris

HIRE FIRE ARTISTS It is evident that Fire has the power to capture attention worldwide and most people love to view Fire Acts because it is appealing to the eye – its colour and shape is well blended with light.  This integration creates an awesome performance that will make guests happy.  During the Corporate Entertainment Agency’s […]