Our robot hiring services are fortunately affordable and readily available.  If you are looking for that hi-tech feel then Corporate Entertainment Agency, CEA, is the place you should go to if you are hoping to make your upcoming special event awesome, incredible and full of technology.  We can offer exciting and unique Robots for your event with a blend of special visual effects, comedy, street theater and high tech costumes, our wide range of robots will definitely bring a taste of the future to your trade event or corporate show.

Our Robots can have pyrotechnics, strobes, LED lights, laser and smoke canons and all sorts of gizmos and our great robots will surely be the center of attention at any corporate party or club night. These eye-catching robots have successfully performed on launching rallies for giant companies like Ford and Vodaphone, popular choice of entertainment for high-end clients and they can even able to incorporate logos into their top class costumes to give the best results. They are perfect for trade shows and exhibitions since they have the ability to create a fantastic visual impression, increase stand traffic as well as interact with crowds.

They generally offer roaming street like performances, mix & mingle, interactive walkabout entertainment but also full-scale stage shows that can be programmed to amaze and delight any crowd. From Giant solo robots to a troupe of dancing robots, contact us now for details about booking a Robot for your event.