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Highly Talented Digital Magicians

Digital Magicians

Hire Highly Talented Digital Magicians A magical mastermind, the Digital Magicians, is able to wow any audience with their preprogrammed iPads and a little traditional magic, as well as some technical talent. Businesses have begun to branch out when it comes to marketing.  They’re hiring people like Digital Magicians to promote their products because the younger […]


Magician Paul

HIRE A PICKPOCKET When our professional pickpockets are around, watches, chains, ties, and even rings tend to disappear from peoples bodies and clothes without anyone noticing.  Just hire one of our experienced pickpockets and watch them perform their magic at your event, or any local stage pickpocket show. Need to spice up your special event and […]


Comedy Hypnotist

HIRE A HYPNOTIST Our gifted Hypnotists are thrilling and exciting stage entertainment for corporate events and any occasion.  They use their gifts to give gatherings exhilarating moments filled with fun, all over the world, they are well-known for creating emotional moments of magic that are enchanting like something never seen before.  Using their unique talents, they […]

Hire An iPad Magician

iPad Magicians for hire

FAQS about hiring an iPad Magician So you have decided to book a magician for your next corporate event, wedding or Christmas party but have you heard about the new style of magic that everyone is talking about!  iPad Magicians and Digital Magicians are a new breed of entertainers that combine magic and sleight of […]

Hire Quick Change Performers

quick change

BOOK QUICK CHANGE PERFORMERS If you are looking for something quick and spectacular for your next corporate event, award ceremony or gala dinner then you may want to have a look at a hiring quick change act.  Quick change is a the art of transformation from one costume to another in an instant, sometime know as Costume […]

Magic Stage Show


HIRE A MAGIC STAGE SHOW At the Corporate Entertainment Agency we have a huge range of Magic Stage Shows to offer you for your next event from Comedy Magicians, Mind Readers, Illusionists, Digital and Technology Magicians, Bubble Magic and many more.  These artists all offer a unique take on traditional magic stage shows and will […]

Comedy Magician

Magician Austria

HIRE COMEDY MAGICIANS If you are looking to combine astonishing magic and great comedy for your next event then look no further than our amazing comedy magicians! The Corporate Entertainment Agency’s comedy magicians are the perfect act for any age or occasion where you need some lighthearted fun, the audience will love their mix of […]


HIRE A MIND READER OR MENTALIST SHOW Our Mind Readers and Mentalists captivate their audiences all over the globe, with their incredible prediction skills they will be an amazing addition to your next corporate event, private party, TV production, gala dinner or theatre show.  The show is interactive and the mind reader will invite willing […]

Bubble Magic

Bubble Artist Germany

HIRE AMAZING BUBBLE MAGIC ARTISTS Our Magic Bubble Artists are a great spin on a regular magic show and is the perfect entertainment for children and adults, the Corporate Entertainment Agency have booked our talented magic bubble artists for shopping malls, theatres, corporate events, private parties and many more, we have a great roster of […]


Comedy Hypnotist

BOOK STUNNING MAGIC AND ILLUSION ACTS Are you looking to give your audience a sense of wonder and amazement at your next event then why not hire a illusion show.  Magic and illusion has never been so popular in the UK with so many touring and resident magic shows in London’s Westend.  The Illusionists, Impossible, Champions of […]