If you are looking for something completely different, fun or unique for your next event then take a look at our walkabout characters.  Our best walkabout characters include: Victorian people, futuristic people, aliens, hedge tree men, LED artists, comedy waiters, robots, art themed dancers, pirates, mirrored women & men, mythical creatures, animals and insects.

Keep the attention of your guests by using our professional walkabout characters, which are made up of circus actors and performers.  They can perfectly offer modern costumes, dance routines, perform incredible acrobats, play percussion & brass instruments, and stilt walk, all these skills can work well with almost all themes.

Our selection comprises of walkabout characters that are the best at spontaneous and improvisation performances, on the spot reacting to individual and collective audience responses.  They always ensure that there is no one in the crowd left uncomfortable.  They surely offer interactive and fun entertainment. Also perfect for those photo opportunities and green screen booths.  You should surely contact us and hire our walkabout characters if you are hoping to make your special event fun and incredible.  We are fortunately very affordable and we will help make your event success.