If you have a themed outside event you may want to hire our walkabout animals to give your family event a great photo opportunity, Corporate Entertainment Agency has a uniquely array of walkabout animals giving a variety of characters, which ranges from penguins to moles, to mythical creatures to extinct Walkabout Dinosaurs for hire. You have a free choice of the Roving animal that takes your fancy and fits in with your theme!

The walkabout Characters we provide really are the best in what they do. The costumes and mechanics are inspiring. Perfect for themed, summer events prehistoric themed events, winter snow themed events. If you are planning for an event and you intend to give the best to your guests, then this will leave you with great memories and photo opportunities.

This is a popular form of entertainment that is suitable for all sorts of events including festivals, private parties and event themed functions. The integration of costumes used by the performers helps give exciting moments to your guests.  The performers use costumes that range from delightful artistic to stunningly realistic. In fact, whether you are looking for entertainment that will give real life act or a themed performance that involves poetic acrobatic, the walkabout animals will give a variety acts designed to fulfill the needs of your event. Having walkabout Animal at your event will certainly make your family fun day or event memorable.