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Hire Robots

robot for hire

HIRE ROBOTS When you hire our robots you will be offering excitement to guests.  The robots can perform many sophisticated acts such as laser shows, logo reveal and interaction with crowds to ensure greater enthusiasm for the event.  We offer unique types of robots so you are assured of something new every time you hire our robots. […]

Photo Booth

photo booth hire

BOOK A PHOTO BOOTH If you are organizing a trade show, festival or an exhibition with large numbers of participants expected, you can take this opportunity to add a photo booth to the event’s list of attractions.  A photo booth will allow guests to play around with their imagination, have fun, while preserving the memories of […]

Little People

HIRE LITTLE PEOPLE Little people with talent offer an impressive array of performances ranging from acrobatics to stunts, dance, and acting.  We also have speakers who will offer insights and amusing presentations for guests at your event.  Their standout performances, lively acts, and also, sense of humor will add to the charm of the event.  Our […]

Book Bandeoke

Famous Musicians for hire

BOOK BANDEOKE AND KARAOKE Are you looking for a sing-along corporate entertainment band?  Or perhaps looking for a band to entertain your guests?  Want your guest to join musicians on stage?  Why don’t you give Karaoke and Bandeoke bands a try? If You Are Not Familiar With Karaoke and Bandeoke Band Read To Discover Why, You […]

BMX Rider


HIRE BMX RIDERS If excitement is what you want for your business event or semi formal occasions, hiring a BMX rider offers quite a few options.  Our BMX riders are there to give you an incredible show, setting pulses racing and hearts beating with their thrilling riding skills.  Our BMX riders are known for the skills […]

Animal Acts

animal ants for hire

HIRE ANIMAL ACTS Animal performers will help make your event stand out, they will make your audiences sit up and take note and be mesmerised by their amazing skills.  Among popular acts involving animal performers are stunts that involve horses, we offer skilled riders for performing with horses, demonstrating the vast degree of empathy between animals […]

Unique Acts

unique pole performers

HIRE UNIQUE ACTS Our specialty acts fit very unique requirements and come customised for individual client’s need.  If your event needs something distinctive you can request a specialty act from the Corporate Entertainment Agent.  Shows by our skilled artists and trained performers will help you move away from run of the mill acts and help your […]

Sphere Acts

unique pole performers

HIRE SPHERE ACTS The Corporate Entertainment Agency can offer amazing sphere and bubble acts that you can hire for your special event to ensure that guests are left amazed by the performance taking place inside or outside the sphere.  Our talented performers will help you create an evening’s entertainment or a dazzling daytime extravaganza.  Our sphere […]


storyteller for hire

HIRE A STORYTELLER A great way to really entertain an audience at any event is to Hire a Storyteller.  A professional storyteller has the ability to transform a space and bring whatever story being told to life and hiring one of the best storytellers in the business will ensure that guests will be captivated form […]

Rollerskating Act

HIRE A ROLLERSKATING ACT Our performers present rollerskating with a difference, they will engage in dance and gymnastics and their control and skill will keep audiences spellbound as they utilise their talent to deliver complicated moves all the while wearing roller skates.  Our artists perform electrifying shows on skates and audiences will be mesmerised by their […]