Animal performers will help make your event stand out, they will make your audiences sit up and take note and be mesmerised by their amazing skills.  Among popular acts involving animal performers are stunts that involve horses, we offer skilled riders for performing with horses, demonstrating the vast degree of empathy between animals and their human handlers.  In addition to skill, our riders are also highly experienced and the horses are well trained, ensuring safety and magnificent performance.

You can look forward to skits and tricks being performed by dogs, to thrill guests and charm them.  Animals are known for their tendency to make people feel at ease, so if you are conducting workshops, or just need to entertain people at a party, this would be an ideal choice.  We can also arrange for performances by snake charmers, which includes a stunning belly dance performance with the act.  Performances by animals and their handlers may be interspersed with a diversity of special effects ranging from fireworks to hi tech lights and nail biting performances by acrobats.


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