Our specialty acts fit very unique requirements and come customised for individual client’s need.  If your event needs something distinctive you can request a specialty act from the Corporate Entertainment Agent.  Shows by our skilled artists and trained performers will help you move away from run of the mill acts and help your event make a mark.

Our specialty acts are aimed at providing something for everyone and all sorts of event types.  Whether you are organising a science-based event, a musical evening, or need something to liven up a media presentation or awards ceremony, our specialty acts will offer the best options.  Some examples of what we offer include gorgeously costumed circus artists, multi iPad illusion shows, animal performers, and freak shows.

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You could choose further customisation by requesting a theme or logo so that your event will be able to generate awareness about a brand or concept.  From interactive acts that draw the audience in, to opulent stage shows, there are plenty of things to look forward to when you hire our specialty acts.

Check out our AMAZING UNIQUE ACTS below!