Are you looking to give your audience a sense of wonder and amazement at your next event then why not hire a illusion show.  Magic and illusion has never been so popular in the UK with so many touring and resident magic shows in London’s Westend.  The Illusionists, Impossible, Champions of Magic, Dynamo, Jamie Raven and Derren Brown all in theatres in the UK have really bought magic and illusion back to being mainstream again.

This doesn’t mean you can’t bring that kind of show into your event.  Hiring an illusionist or stage magician for your private party, corporate event, or award ceremony can really give your audience that moment of magic they will never forget.  Take them to a new world where the illusionist will fill them with those child like feelings that anything is possible where people are levitated, cut in half and vanished right before your eyes.

Hiring a good illusionist for your event can really give it that spectacular Las Vegas feel.  If you want something showy, glitzy and jaw dropping then an illusionist is perfect for you.  Gone are the days when an illusionist dresses like Burt Wonderstone, they now dress more like cool look of David Blaine the cheesy act many lesser acts unfortunately pursued.

We have vast knowledge of the magic industry and we can confidently say more so then another entertainment agency in the world. We deal with more stage magicians and stage illusion acts in a year then most other agencies deal with in their lifetime we know the good ones from the bad ones, we know the ones that audiences across the world love! So if you have something in mind where an illusion act could be the answer to your entertainment then we can talk you through the options and possibility.

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Hiring and illusionist or stage magician can also be useful if you have a product that needs to be launched we have arranged everything from Car appearances in the blink of an eye to digital holograms appearing, the possibilities are only really limited by your imagination.

Check out our AMAZING MAGICIANS below!