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HIRE AUSTRALIAN THEMED PERFORMERS Australia’s musical history is rich and brings together native song and dance moves of the aboriginal inhabitants as well as tantalizing Australian bush tunes.  The Corporate Entertainment Agency assembles both old and new music from the land down under to give your guests and event, the real essence of the Lucky Country.  We […]

HIRE AMERICAN THEMED PERFORMERS The musical styles and cultures found across America are incomparable.  From the soothing rhythm and blues pubs to thrilling rock concerts on the big stage and everything in between; it’s safe to say that America is home to rich, captivating entertainment in the music industry.  It’s no wonder that many of […]

HIRE LAS VEGAS THEMED PERFORMERS Las Vegas, Nevada is the world capital of the entertainment industry.  It’s often dubbed “the city that never sleeps” for a good reason and is buzzing with energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Thanks to the Corporate Entertainment Agency you don’t have to go to Las Vegas to […]

HIRE BRAZILIAN AND SOUTH AMERICAN PERFORMERS Only the beats of Brazil and South American music can entertain and energize your audience all at the same time, because this genre combines infectious beats with irresistible rhythms.  Our Latin American singers, Brazilian musicians and percussionists as well as the salsa dancers create lively and upbeat ambiances with great […]

HIRE BRITISH THEMED ENTERTAINMENT We at the Corporate Entertainment Agency are dedicated to making your event exciting, entertaining and unique in every possible way.  From tribute bands to some of the biggest bands in the history of British music, over celebrity and royalty impersonators and lookalikes to British themed walkabout characters – we have it all […]

HIRE TRADITIONAL SWISS PERFORMERS At the Corporate Entertainment Agency we have a great selection of Swiss themed entertainment on our roster whether it’s based in Switzerland itself or the rest of the world, we can provide the best in Swiss musical and dance culture.  All of our Swiss performances which are either traditional and authentic or […]

HIRE TRADITIONAL ITALIAN PERFORMERS Well known for their exceptional elegance, passion and romance, Italian entertainment genres can be applied in a whole range of events.  The Italian music has found its way in both modern-day formal and informal settings, whether you want background music or center-stage performances for your event, you can rely on Italian musicians […]

HIRE TRADITIONAL JAPANESE PERFORMERS Would you like to take your guests on a journey to Japan without actually visiting the country?  If you are holding an event where you want to give your guests a taste of Japan then CEA have the top Japanese acts for your event.  Japanese event artists, Japanese flute ensembles, manga caricaturists, Bon […]

HIRE AFRICAN ACROBATS AND PERFORMERS Want to bring an authentic taste of Africa to your event?  Why not take advantage of our diverse African performance groups, drawn from Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Gambia and no based all over the world, the main aim of our performance groups is to bring the true essence […]

HIRE SPANISH AND FLAMENCO PERFORMERS If you are organizing an event, one of the things you must ensure is that your guests will be entertained and kept happy and what better way to do this than hiring our Flamenco guitarists and dancers?  Spain is known for many great things, Flamenco being top among them. It comprises […]