We at the Corporate Entertainment Agency are dedicated to making your event exciting, entertaining and unique in every possible way.  From tribute bands to some of the biggest bands in the history of British music, over celebrity and royalty impersonators and lookalikes to British themed walkabout characters – we have it all and we are here to ensure that your event is quintessentially British.  Do you want your guests to be enthralled and captivated by our own David Beckham or Mister Bean? Or perhaps you think Simon Cowell, James Bond (Sean Connery and Daniel Craig), Queen Elizabeth II impersonators would do the job? Maybe you want the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or One Direction and Little Mix members to drop by?  We have it all and our impersonators and entertainers are professionals that bear an uncanny resemblance to all of these celebrities – their accents, mannerisms and most importantly looks, will have your guests pondering if they are actually the real deal.

We also can provide the beloved characters from Alice in Wonderland, which will leave your guests speechless and wowed.  If typical English glamour is what you’re after then our union jack wearing vocal trio will charm and entertain your guests endlessly, while our stunning airhostesses attend to all of their needs.  Functions, parties, corporate events, award ceremonies – we can handle it all and we will most definitely ensure that the event that you are hosting is proudly flying the British flag.