Australia’s musical history is rich and brings together native song and dance moves of the aboriginal inhabitants as well as tantalizing Australian bush tunes.  The Corporate Entertainment Agency assembles both old and new music from the land down under to give your guests and event, the real essence of the Lucky Country.  We parade a wide array of breath-taking dance shows that combine the charm of aboriginal songs, dance and folklore with modern western accompaniments and jazz to breathe life into Australia’s heritage. In each of these, our artistes make the most of traditional dressing as well as song and dance acts, to relay the essence of this rich tradition.

The distinctive tones and sounds a didgeridoo produces are the true musical identity of Australia.  This age-old instrument produces enchanting timbre that summons images from Down Under; from the aboriginal tribes to the open outback they inhabit.  If you want to infuse a bit of this outback lifestyle into your event or workshop then our didgeridoo players are your best bet, as they will customize their acts to meet your entertainment needs.  We can also provide energetic and genuine bush band that plays the best of bush ballads and some new generation songs. You can hire this to give your event a dash of Aussie flavour.

Our Australian themed acts are apt for cruise ship and holiday resorts entertainment, galas, dinner parties, shopping mall amusement and themed events and will make all of these, memorable.