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Hire Robots

robot for hire

HIRE ROBOTS When you hire our robots you will be offering excitement to guests.  The robots can perform many sophisticated acts such as laser shows, logo reveal and interaction with crowds to ensure greater enthusiasm for the event.  We offer unique types of robots so you are assured of something new every time you hire our robots. […]

Digital Magician

ipad magician for hire

HIRE A DIGITAL MAGICIAN A Digital Magician combines incredible magic with technology, normally performed on an iPad but can also be performed on an android tablet, please get in contact with our account managers to see what is possible.  Sometimes it’s hard to create a corporate event that would emotionally engage all of the participants, if […]

Laser Performers

Laser Harp

HIRE LASER PERFORMERS Have you ever imagined bringing so much dynamic content and colour to your event?  We have the most advanced technology to make that possible!  We have the best laser performers and professional stunts that will work together to make your guests feel part of a futuristic movie.  Our spectacles combine live music, intense […]

3D 4D Video Mapping

3d video dance

HIRE 3D AND 4D MAPPING Using Video Mapping & 3D technology is an awesome way to entertain guests at any event.  Also referred to as “Projection Mapping”, this form of technology can really bring an event to life, it is extremely innovative and popular and will leave audiences in awe.  3D imagery and video mapping takes […]

Book Robots

robots for hire

HIRE ROBOTS Nothing amuses and captivates audiences as much as a robot, you can hire our robots to create more interest in your event, drive home a point, or create more awareness for your brand.  At the Corporate Entertainment Agency we have a huge selection of sophisticated robots for engaging performances.  Our hi tech robots can […]

LED Glow Act

LED Light Crew

HIRE LED AND GLOW ACTS If you are looking for innovative art to captivate guests at an event, a great option is to hire the Corporate Entertainment Agency’s LED & Glow acts!  Audiences will be left spellbound once these performers entrance and memorise them with their awesome skills.  It doesn’t matter if the event is going […]

Poi Illumination

Pixel Poi Act for hire

HIRE POI ILLUMINATION Wondering how to entertain guests at your evening event? You can hire poi spinners for the Corporate Entertainment Agency, who will create magic with their handheld array of LED lights.  As they spin the poi wand they will create dazzling images with a multitude of colours.  Creating complex works of art, it is amazing […]

Digital Animation

digital caricaturist

HIRE DIGITAL ANIMATION Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions to make, when putting together an event, is figuring out the entertainment and the Corporate Entertainment Agency can help with this and hire our Digital Animation to completely captivate their attention!  With the technology field growing by leaps and bounds, digital animation is a great art form to […]

Digital Artwork

digital artwork

BOOK DIGITAL ARTWORK FOR EVENTS Digital artwork offers a combination of the traditional and the new and it enables traditional art to be enjoyed by audiences live and reach a wider audience.  Our digital artwork professionals have mastered the skill of using technology to let art reach diverse audiences and they are skilled in their […]

Hologram Augmented Reality


HIRE HOLOGRAM AUGMENTED REALITY Hiring Hologram & Augmented Reality skills can help to create a fun and successful event.  Creating mind-boggling acts that utilise magic and holograms, this medium really brings events to life.  There are several options that can be done to completely customise the experience so that any event leaves guests talking about it […]