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3d Street Artist

street artist 3d art

HIRE A 3D STREET ARTIST FOR EVENTS Our 3D artists use well-selected acrylic paints and magnificently colored chalks to make your occasion unforgettably picture-perfect. Using every surface as an indispensable canvas, the stunning designs by these talented artists draw hordes of passers-by to your event.  To effectively promote your corporate occasions, hiring skilled street artists is […]

Hologram Projection

hologram projection

HIRE HOLOGRAM PROJECTION FOR EVENTS Add a unique, futuristic element to your event with custom hologram projection. Our hologram artists are half graphic designers, half technological geniuses. They can turn practically any surface into the medium for an amazing illusion of light and movement.  Holograms don’t just have to be a part of your event’s decor. […]

Event Artists

Event Artist

HIRE AN EVENT ARTIST, LIVE PAINTER FOR EVENTS Add a touch of class to your event by capturing it in a way photographs never could.  Our event artists will create unique paintings, watercolors, drawings, or digital art to capture both the way your event looks and how it feels.  Our event artists can work in […]


Caricaturist For Events | Hire Traditional Caricaturist | Wedding Caricaturists

HIRE A CARICATURIST OR DIGITAL CARICATURIST FOR EVENTS Entertain your guests and give them an unforgettable, personalized souvenir of your event by hiring one of our caricature artists.  Caricatures are the ultimate in personal keepsakes and can be customized to match the theme of your event as well as the individual interests of your guests. […]

Balloon Artists

balloon artist vancouver

HIRE A BALLOON ARTIST OR BALLOON SCULPTOR FOR EVENTS What entertainer can combine magic, comedy, and pure talent into a show that young and old alike will enjoy?  Our balloon artists will amaze by taking basic balloons and twisting them into anything the audience can think of, right before their eyes.  Balloon sculptors aren’t just ideal […]

Fashion Illustrators

fashion illustrator uk

BOOK OUR INTERNATIONAL FASHION ILLUSTRATORS FOR EVENTS Not all caricatures are funny and exaggerated.  Our group of talented artists also includes fashion illustrators, who can provide your guests with a unique souvenir of your elegant event.  Fashion artists can capture the look of clothes and the personality of the wearer in a few minutes.  Warmer […]

Sand Artists

sand artist italy

BOOK UNIQUE AND TALENTED SAND ARTISTS AND SAND ANIMATION For a truly one-of-a-kind presentation at your event, sand art will be the perfect choice for you.  Performance sand art was largely unknown until 2009, when footage of artist Kseniya Simonova competing in “Ukraine’s Got Talent” went viral on social media.  Now you can have this unique […]

Light Painter

Technology Entertainment at Corporate Events

BOOK TALENTED LIGHT PAINTING ARTISTS FOR YOUR CORPORATE EVENT When your event needs one-of-a-kind visual panache, light painting can deliver.  Our talented and trained light painters use slow-exposure photography to capture light in motion over seconds and even minutes.  With their expertise, our artists can craft images that use light like brushstrokes to create a […]

Coffee Artists

Coffee Artist Italy

HIRE A CREATIVE COFFEE ARTIST Coffee at your event can be more than delicious – it can be a work of art.  Let one of our award-winning coffee artists thrill your guests with latte art, using quality coffee and foamed milk to make shapes, monograms, corporate logos, even caricatures on the top of the cup. Coffee […]

Silhouette Artist

Silhouette Artist London

SILHOUETTE ARTISTS FOR CORPORATE EVENTS AND WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT Give your event a unique touch of historical elegance with a silhouette artist.  Our experienced silhouette artists can give your guests a one-of-a-kind keepsake in as long as it takes them to take pictures in a standard photo booth. Silhouette is an art form that was popular […]