What entertainer can combine magic, comedy, and pure talent into a show that young and old alike will enjoy?  Our balloon artists will amaze by taking basic balloons and twisting them into anything the audience can think of, right before their eyes.  Balloon sculptors aren’t just ideal entertainment for children’s parties. Their unique shows depend on audience participation, so the show always fits the people being entertained.  Liven up weddings, costume parties, even corporate events with one of our talented balloon sculptors.

balloon artist vancouver

Balloon artists are the perfect entertainment for all ages and cultures.  The interactive shows are visual and hands-on, letting young children, elders, and even those who don’t speak the same language as the balloon sculptor enjoy the show to the fullest.  Since balloon art does not require anything but an artist, an audience, and balloons, it is ideal for mobile entertainment at your event.  Best of all, your guests get to take home a reminder of the great time they had at your event.

Don’t limit your imagination to balloon animals.  Our sculptors can create centerpieces, life-sized complex sculptures, flowers, props, hats, costume pieces, jewelry – everything!  They can even work with balloons in your event’s color scheme or branded with your logo.
Let your guests be the star of the show by pairing them with a balloon artist to bring their ideas to life.  Guests will bring home more than memories of a good time; they will have a balloon sculpture and lasting pictures of posing with it.  No matter the audience at your event, balloon sculptors are sure to make it a fun and memorable time.

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