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BOOK COFFEE ARTISTS An interesting and unique way to impress guests at an event is to employ the amazing skills of a Coffee Artist.  Professional coffee artists can make a mean cup of coffee at a fast pace, but more than that, their productions boast an impressive show of more than coffee making skills.  These Coffee […]

BOOK CHAMPAGNE AERIALIST Here’s something extravagant to incorporate into your next event; champagne aerialists to serve drinks!  Amaze your guests with our aerial performers as they fill and top up glasses with champagne, expensive wines and other fancy drinks.  As soon as you walk in, your eyes are instantly drawn to the ceiling where you’ll […]

BOOK FOOD THEMED PERFORMERS For a truly exciting event, employ the skills of our amazing Food Themed Performers.  These impressive entertainers combine tasty food with aspects of science and art that leaves audience members’ minds blown!  Appealing to many different senses, this form of art/entertainment fills both the belly and the mind.  From main entrees to […]

HIRE CELEBRITY CHEFS FOR UNIQUE EVENTS Providing guests an exceptionally unique experience can sometimes be a daunting task.  Hiring Celebrity Chefs is a fantastic way to impress guests!  Captivating and enthusiastic, Celebrity Chefs can incorporate their top-notch cooking skills, impressive personalities and mouth-watering dishes; providing an amazing experience that is hard to forget! Celebrity Chefs […]

BOOK A MIXOLOGISTS OR FLAIR BARTENDER Want to make your event really standout? Hire our Mixologists & Flair Bartenders!  These amazingly entertaining mixologists and flair bartenders have a unique ability to us a lot of different bar tending tools and liquors is some really dazzling performances.  In addition, they serve the purpose of actually bar tending […]

BOOK AN ICE SCULPTURE The decor sets the mood and determines the atmosphere of any party or gathering.  Regardless of the event you are throwing, there is one quality you always want it to have; you want your event to be memorable.  Adding an ice sculpture to your decor always gives your event a unique, […]

BOOK COMEDY SURPRISE WAITERS An incredible way to entertain guests at an event is to Hire Comedy and Surprise Waiters.  These professional artists, disguised as waiters, are the perfect way to really surprise and entrance an audience.  Whether it is a private, intimate affair or a large corporate event, Comedy and Surprise Waiters will offer unique […]

BOOK A FOOD SCULPTURE Nothing says “unique” more than a giant, yummy, food sculpture.  Even better is the opportunity to become a part of the creation; watching a talented Food Sculptor in action, these talented professionals are pushing the entertainment envelope one delicious creation at a time!  Dating back to ancient Tibetean Buddhist art, food […]

BOOK SHOT GIRLS Our fabulous shot boys and girls can transform your event into something more elegant and invigorating!  Our shot boys and girls are capable of doing a lot more than just serving shots of your desired drinks.  They will personally welcome, interact and socialise with your guests.  In their presence, your guests will have […]

HIRE CANDY GIRLS AND LIVING TABLES Looking for a truly unique way to entertain your event’s guests?  Hiring the Corporate Entertainment Agency’s amazing Living Tables and Candy Girls would be an excellent way to captivate the attention of your guests, they are eye-catching entertainment, and they are also able to serve your guests while doing […]