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Entertainment with your logo or brand. Entertaining ways to showcase your brand or new logo.

Ice Sculptures

ice sculpture for hire

BOOK OUR ICE SCULPTORS FOR A LOGO REVEAL Ice Sculptures are one of the best methods that gains attention of your guests at events, having one of our ice sculptures at your event will definitely blow your guest’s minds.  Many decorative designs can be sculpted on ice to give it a fabulous look.  Decorative Ice luges can […]

Shadow Act

Shadow Show

HIRE A SHADOW SHOW To host a successful corporate shadow act you need to book a successful shadow theatre company.  Our gifted performers satisfy everyone’s hopes and expectations when it comes to choreographing a custom bespoke story to put your brand in the forefront of people’s minds.  A bespoke shadow show is a perfect way to […]

Sand Artists

sand artist eva

HIRE INCREDIBLE SAND ARTISTS FOR EVENTS There is something compelling, almost magical about the wonderful world of sand art.  There are very few people in this world who are gifted enough to bring an audience to tears simply by sprinkling sand in such a way as to create beautiful images.  Our expert world-renowned sand artists are […]

Digital Caricaturists and iPad Magicians

Caricaturist Barcelona

HIRE DIGITAL CARICATURISTS AND IPAD MAGICIANS Digital caricaturists and iPad Magicians are available to share your bespoke story in a way that expresses and identifies who you really are and what you stand for. Envision personable digital caricaturists mingling with potential clients on the floor of a trade show, sharing their unique talent and leaving a […]

Laser Poi Acts

Pixel Poi Act for hire

HIRE LED AND LASER POI ACTS Logo reveal entertainment is more than shining a light on a well-rehearsed troupe, it’s the well-oiled wheel that transports you and your guests to destinations uncharted.  When you’re ready to step up and blow the competition out of the water, make sure to hire laser logo reveal entertainers to guide […]

Video Mapping Screen Projection

Video Mapping

HIRE 3D VIDEO SCREEN PROJECTION Entertainment of the grandest level is at your fingertips when you hire a 3D video mapping artist for your corporate event.  No matter how large or complicated the canvas, 3D video mapping can be achieved on a car or an entire building.  Transform the ordinary into extraordinary by hiring 3D video […]

Unique Brand Reveal Acts

iPad Magicians for hire

HIRE UNIQUE BRAND REVEAL ACTS In today’s world of cut-throat business where out-doing, out-lasting, and outshining the competition is crucial, how does one impress the masses?  Entertain them with the highest caliber of unique corporate entertainment available!  Nobody is going to remember a cookie-cut-out performance, but they will remember the boring evening they had at your […]

Light Painter

Light Artist

HIRE A LIGHT PAINTER FOR A PRODUCT LAUNCH Turn your corporate brand reveal ceremony into a brand reveal celebration by harnessing the power of logo reveal entertainment.  When you hire a light painter to design a personalised bespoke story for your brand, you are ensuring an evening of dazzling storytelling that will imprint your name in your guests’ […]