Ice Sculptures are one of the best methods that gains attention of your guests at events, having one of our ice sculptures at your event will definitely blow your guest’s minds.  Many decorative designs can be sculpted on ice to give it a fabulous look.  Decorative Ice luges can be used at your events to give a unique way of serving drinks, it can even be used to play a drinking game where a shot of alcoholic drink is poured down the ice into the drinker’s mouth.  It will be a piece of attraction for your guests.  The Ice Lunge is an ultimate party accessory if you want a chilling ride for your drink.  With this you can serve your guests a fun filled way of drinking cold and refreshing drinks.

Our Ice Sculptures are made by professional ice sculptors who are highly trained and experienced and are a great way of drawing potential clients in any business event.  Each and every sculpture that our artists make is carved slowly and created especially for your event.  To give the sculpture an even better look, we make colored ice sculptures by adding dyes to the ice.  Moreover, we can combine clear ice and colored ice to create effects on the sculpture and we use a number of techniques and professional tools to carve the sculptures.  Attention is given to each and ever tiny detail so as to make it look more impressive and there are many designs available for each and every event that are carefully designed.

So if you want to impress your friends, families, guests at your events, then having our ice sculpture or luge will do it.  Our artists make unique and decorative Ice sculptures and luges for corporate events, weddings and private parties that can be hired.  It will definitely be a main piece of attraction for your event.

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