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Famous Musicians for hire

HIRE BANDEOKE AND KARAOKE People go to parties to enjoy themselves and mostly get entertained by individuals or bands.  For most parties bands are the preferred mode of entertainment as it brings life to the party.  Having the best band in your party is mandatory for a classy outlook for your guest, how best to […]

Team Building Activities

team building for hire

HIRE TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES Book the Corporate Entertainment Agency’s exciting, motivation and innovative team building activities for your guests and employees, we have a huge range of different team building activities suitable for all ages, genders and cultures for your next corporate team bonding day.  The Corporate Entertainment Agency’s team building services and workshops will […]

Casino Gambling Entertainment


HIRE CASINO GAMBLING ENTERTAINMENT Improve your gambling-styled event with one or more of our expert casino croupiers and first-rate casino tables, kick it up a notch and heat up the atmosphere at your party, gala dinner, ceremony.  Providing a full specter of various games tables along with the decor matching the character and nature of your […]

Photo Booth Hire

photo booth hire

HIRE A PHOTO BOOTH If you are looking for ways to amuse guests at a party or an event, you can hire our Corporate Entertainment photo booths.  While private events can be made more entertaining and offer guests endless ways to preserve memories via the photo booth, even corporate functions can get more interesting when you […]

Giant Games Fun Fair

fun fair equipment for hire

HIRE GIANT GAMES AND FUN FAIR GAMES Outdoor fun is amazing and very engaging and that’s why we provide you with our great outdoor games kits, equipment and fun fair replicas to guarantee your event’s success.  These outdoor games equipment offer an exciting fun-filled outdoor gaming experience that your guests will definitely love and remember.  We […]

Other Interactive Entertainment

interactive entertainment

HIRE INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT The next time an event is being planned, and entertainment options are being considered, Hire Corporate Entertainment’s Interactive Entertainment!  When throwing an event, creativity and entertainment are the biggest keys to making it an unforgettable experience.  With Interactive Entertainment, guests will be able really become a part of the big picture and will […]

Augmented Reality


HIRE AUGMENTED REALITY Presented with a novel, cutting-edge piece of technology, this limitless show will let you experience a myriad of engaging augmented reality displays launching you and your recipients into a whole new realm!  If your desire is to leave your visitors mindblown with an intriguing and captivating play, then our broad array of […]