Art Installations

At the intersection of decoration and entertainment are our fantastic art installations, we represent a number of unique installations from around the world, each one is designed to transform your event space: indoors, outdoors, or both.


Installations are suitable for filling large spaces with points of interest and conversations for guests.  They can also provide an unforgettable focal point that doesn’t overwhelm a smaller space.

Installation art can be fully customised to your event as well as your space, your guests can circulate through a fantastic garden of sculptures.  Attract an enthusiastic crowd with the flashing movement of our colorful air sculptures, which send streams of silk twisting into endlessly changing shapes.  One of the hidden benefits of art installations is that they aren’t just useful as something to look at, you can use the installation of the sculpture as an activity in itself for guests or, even better, as a team-building exercise for corporate events.  Let our expert team guide you in setting up your space as a memorable piece of art.   For corporate conferences, product launches, and shareholder meetings, art installations customized with your company’s colors or logo can set the stage for amazing presentations.

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