Laser Harp

The beams of the Laser Harp actually allow light to be played as an instrument! Combine that with the amazing beams that fill your venue, stunning LED Lighting, vibrant laser visuals that hang in the air and a one of a kind projection screens and you’re in for a treat!


Other Acts from this artist include:

Laser Harp DJ

Using the beams of light, dance and pop songs can be played and remixed live in front of your eyes.

LED Suit Laser Harp Show

First created as a way to wow your guests upon arrival the Laser Harp Show has evolved into a full scale dramatic masterpiece that has huge impact at any type of event.

Laser Show

High power, full colour, visually stunning Laser Light Shows!  From Weddings to high profile corporate events, product launches to music festivals, Laser Light Shows have what it takes to make your event truly one to remember.

Lasers are still viewed as the most futuristic addition to any event. Beams of supper bright coloured light shooting above the heads of your audience will always create an atmosphere unparalleled by any other effect.

Working with a range of Lasers, from 1 Р28 Watts, lets us create some of the most immersive light shows that the UK has to offer.  Teaming up with leading professionals from other types of media such as musicians, dancers and entertainers allows us a much greater insight into creating not just a laser show but an overall entertainment experience.

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