Origami Artists


To find unique decor, entertainment, and souvenirs for your event, look no further than a piece of paper.  Our origami artists can create hundreds of different intricately folded paper sculptures to delight the guests at your event.  Although the term “origami” is Japanese, the art of skillfully folding paper into sculpture forms is also a traditional art in China and Europe.  With only a stack of special paper, an origami artist can create animals, objects, flowers, even toys in a matter of seconds while your guests watch.

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Origami artists can easily work your event’s theme and color scheme into their art with a simple choice of paper. Origami art is ideal for parties, trade shows, or any event where the artists can circulate and interact with guests to give them custom art keepsakes.

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Origami art isn’t limited to piece your guests can take with them.  Our artists can use their skills to create one-of-a-kind centerpieces and decorations.  Don’t confine yourself to small thinking – an origami sculpture can be as big as the paper used to make it.  Our artists can even create installations of thousands of individual pieces of folded paper art to delight your guests.  Work with our origami artists for an unforgettable, entertaining interactive art experience that gives your guests a beautiful sculpture to take home.

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