The Camel

From deep within the desert rides Prince Amir the Meerkat atop his trusty companion, Nazreddin the wise old Camel. Come forth and witness the miniscule majesty of Amir and the curmudgeonly Camel who will laugh at anything… especially himself!

Suggested Themes

Bollywood, Morrocan or Arabian Nights, Pantomime, Christmas, Children’s Literary Events, Fantasy, Storybook, Magical Lands.


“The Camel has been the star of the show”

Yousef Aldaour (Managing Director) – Remal International Festival 

We are street theatre alchemists, theatrical engineers and master puppet makers, continuing in the proud and ancient traditions of nomadic Showmen.  Our mission is to turn the world on its head, ignite the imagination by achieving the impossible and serve humanity by reinventing the puppet, mask and clown for contemporary audiences.  We fuse special effects artistry & street theatre spectacle to create a Jabberwocky world of roving eccentrica and performance.  Inspired by the belief that street arts are the most accessible, democratic and altruistic of art forms, we deliver our exotic beasts in our communities beating cultural & economic hearts. Touching the residents, transforming the space & hoping to leave these communities, our society and this world with a sense that for the courageous heart, anything is possible!

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