Video Interactive Branding Show

In order to create a memorable moment, during the event, we suggest an inspiring video interactive branding show based on your company’s path and values, which will work as a message to it’s collaborators or clients.

An epical music will lead the show, in an imposing, mysterious and exciting way, while a video is projected in a big screen, and the performers will interact with it.

Therefore a “tailor made” show, entirely built towards the company communication goals, in which will be created a strong connection between the performance and the event’s image/theme, through the interaction created between the performers and the 3D/Motion Graphics video: the choreographed movement will work in step with the company’s communication, projected in video, as it increases the impact on the audience.

Because it’s all about a tailor made show, the client itself has the main role on selecting the contents, text, images he wishes to communicate: he will work with our scriptwriters, in order to create a show that perfectly fits on his demands.

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