Ice Sculptures


Add indelible elegance and fun to your event with custom ice sculpture.  Our ice artists can amaze your guests by turning blocks of ice into whatever shapes best suit your event.

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Ice sculpture adds automatic cool to any winter-themed event.  Ice sculptures are perfect for elegant centerpieces for weddings or winter formals.  Ice can be turned into the logo, the product, the mascot or even a portrait of the founder of a corporation.  Don’t limit your imagination to the center of the buffet table – our ice artists can create full-size sculptures of animals, usable furniture, and cocktail bars.  A team of ice sculptors can even create an entire ice garden to enchant your guests as they explore.

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Ice sculpture can also provide the entertainment for your event, hire a sculptor to turn a block of ice into art before your guests’ eyes.  If you want a truly unforgettable experience, our artists can even carve the ice with a chainsaw!  Ice can also be used to serve your guests drinks in a fun way: sliding beverages along an ice luge.  For elegant ambiance or a fun activity, ice sculpture fits the bill, let our ice sculptors create a dimension for your event that your guests will never forget.

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