Vintage Band London

The Vintage Band London are an acoustic band with a difference. Combining two guitars, percussion, double bass & saxophone, they offer a fresh delivery of live music through their arrangements of classic songs and modern hits with a warm feel good ‘Mumford & Sons’ style throughout each performance.


The Vintage Band London musicians have performed in countless bands on stages worldwide, plus TV appearances, tours, and session work for major music label artists. After many gigs within different bands, the lads decided to collate their musical skills and experience, and form one solid line-up to deliver powerful sets at every performance.  Originally gigging as a duo, the musicians expanded by teaming up with their professional percussionist, double bassist & saxophonist to create the full band and haven’t looked back since.  This unique band are currently based in the UK but are available to perform all over the world.

From their wealth of experience, The Vintage Band London know what songs work best live and which numbers will bring your guests to the dance floor or get them singing if they are performing their roaming sets. What’s more, by carefully constructing setlists with numbers from different decades, we make sure that guests of all ages enjoy the performance.  Previous clients include Google, British Airways, Formula One, HSBC,Jaguar Land Rover, Air Canada, First Dates, Avis and the Mulia Bali.  They have also performed some amazing A-listers recently including Fred Sirieix. (First Dates) and Ross Brawn.