Surprise Singing Waiters

The idea of surprise singing waiters has taken the entertainment industry by storm in the past few years. The ingenious concept of having three fantastic vocalists ‘undercover’ as waiters, chefs, hotel managers…even guests, has proved to be a popular notion and a brilliant surprise for your unsuspecting audience!

You’re at your company’s Christmas do…speeches are over and yourself and the rest of your guests are on the verge of being ready to party!  You’re busy chatting away to some guy called ‘Jerry from accounts’ who is sitting next to you, when all of a sudden a waiter who has been serving your table, places down the jug of water he’s been carrying, and bursts into a mind-blowing edition of Queens ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’.

This guy is dancing on the tables, schmoozing with the ladies, getting everyone (including you AND ‘Jerry from accounts’) up dancing and clapping…and just when he’s going full steam, in comes the hotel manager to quiet him down. She whisks him off back to the kitchen and steals his microphone to apologise…except this is no sombre apology, she explodes into a fabulous heart-felt rendition of ‘you make me feel like dancing’! And dancing is what she does…she grabs you and ‘Jerry from accounts’ by the hand and you take turns swinging her this way and that, while the rest of the room goes wild cheering and singing along

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