Unique Shadow Shows for Events

Shadow Shows, Shadow Theatre or Shadow Acts became famous in 2013 when a talented group from Hungary won Britain’s Got Talent with their stunning love story performed in shadows with acrobats and dancers. Shadow Show; Attraction was developed in 2004 by Zoltán Szűcs, who is a performer himself and began his career in a pop group called Hip Hop Boyz. The Attraction shadow group have gone on to perform all over the word including a show in Las Vegas and a major UK television campaign for Swinton Insurance.

Since their performance, other groups from around the world have surfaced and have performed at events all over the world, from performing shadow shows for corporate events, love stories for weddings and engagements and bespoke shows for marketing and product launches.

These shows are high-end acrobatic and dance entertainment and they can be tailored to your requirements or performed as a standard show previously created. The process for a bespoke show involves a meeting or conference call, a storyboard and the discussion of music and narration specific to your product and ideas. The Shadow Shows are performed in complete blackout with approximately 8 performers and a specialist technician to oversee the production.

For the shows previously created, we have a top group from the UK who have performances based around discovery; Newton discovering gravity, Egyptian sphinx, a car, train, plane and space ship. It then reaches the digital age with an interactive ‘Minority Report’ screen that references Wi-Fi, cameras, phones, tablets and other gadgets. They also have a show that travels around the world visiting the major landmarks of the globe.  Not only does this group perform the above top shows but also can create a personalised show from scratch for your client, brand or product launch. For more information get in touch with our account managers for inspiration!