Technology Magicians Disrupt the World of Magic?

So with the new changing landscape of world business everything seems to have gone digital… This you maybe surprised to hear as also crept into the world of magic and illusion too!  There seems to be a new breed of technology magicians out there now using technology as tools and themes for their acts and tricks.  Many magicians are now using an iPhone to perform their magic on and some are using this on stage too with a projection screen and a cameraman. Most of these magicians have been inspired by the original tech magicians, the Digital Illusionists known as the pioneers of magic with technology.  The Digital Illusionists have lead the path for many other technology magicians who have emulated their approach and many of their routines.

The Digital Illusionists is a magic show created by Technology Magician Keelan Leyser and Film Actor and Stage Mind Reader Matt Daniel-Baker.  These technology magicians have taken the world by storm with their show that comprises of the use of 10 iPads all working in unison, plucking objects in an out of the screens as though it is just normal as well as walking into led walls and interacting with each other in another dimension, or drones could be dancing around their heads in perfect synchronisation, as well as being assisted not by a leotard clad assistant but by a robot!

These Technology Magicians have been used as keynote conference speakers to talk about how they have used technology to take their careers to a new level, how they think about the world in new and exciting ways and how they can help business think about the way they do business in new and innovative ways.

Tech magic has been used as an attraction in the exhibition industry too.  Many companies like British Petroleum, BMW, Audi,  Acer and Microsoft know the benefits all too well hiring a technology magician to promote their product or message at trade shows.  The innovative and different approach to entertainment never fails to generate huge crowds of avid spectators whose attention is captivated throughout a ten minute magical presentation of informative yet entertaining message.  Infotainment or edutainment are the buzz words that surround the Technology magicians, if you want your company to be seen in a modern way one that is forward thinking and digital in their mindset then you should seriously think about investing in the Digital Illusionists to design a bespoke iPad magic presentation for your next trade show. You will not be disappointed when your stand has more delegates on your stand like never before!