Magician Vancouver

Over the past 20 years he has literally traveled the globe.

Magician Vancouver has performed in exotic locations such as Japan, Dubai, Argentina and Australia for companies such as Mercedes, Ford, AT&T, Toyota and Microsoft to name just a few. He began his career in his hometown of Sheffield, England as a traditional magician and illusionist.

Our Magician Vancouver is originally from the UK but now resides in Canada, he has been performing and perfecting his craft in the art of illusion for more than 20 years.

On his travels around the world his knowledge in the mystic arts grew and he picked up techniques and skills from the countries he visited and the people he met along the way. It’s this unique perspective that has allowed Matt to make his performances completely unique and utterly captivating.

Magician Vancouver is not your typical magician, instead he has crafted a style know as Urban Deception, a cool mix of urban style street magic combined with the comedic timing and slick stage presence of a seasoned corporate performer.

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