Balloon Artist Vancouver

Balloon Artist Vancouver is one of the finest Balloon Sculptors around today.  His style is captivating, his modern and laid back approach makes him the only balloon sculptor of his kind in the world today!

Now, we say Balloon Sculptor and not Balloon Twister as his balloon creations are not your (every day) cats and dogs.  No, each balloon creation is a miniature work of art and what’s more, each balloon creation looks like it just came right out of the pages of a comic book!

So exactly what makes the Cool Balloon Guy different?
Balloon Artist Vancouver’s style is that of a Rock Star combined with a Balloon Artist.  Covered in cool tattoos he combines razor sharp wit with cutting edge entertainment, each balloon creation is delivered with a burst of comedy and quick wit.  While he is twisting those insane balloon creations he is drawing a crowd and entertaining like no other. So make sure you catch Balloon Artist Vancouver and let him twist the coolest balloon creation that you have ever seen.  Then take it home and cherish it.

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