Magician Tulsa

Magician Tulsa has been bringing mystery and laughter to audiences for over 36 years and is the perfect entertainment for:

Magician Tulsa’s fascination with magic began at the age of eight when he discovered an old trunk of magician’s props in his uncle’s attic. Magician Tulsa has been mentored by many fine magicians over the years. Of particular influence were the years he lived in England where he was privileged to attend meetings of London’s famous Magic Circle magicians’ club. ​Because of his interest in the history of magic he has modeled his performances on the past master magicians of the golden age of vaudeville. Magician Tulsa’s performances feature classic magic that offers a unique experience for today’s audiences.

In addition to performing, Magician Tulsa has created, manufactured and marketed products that sell in magic shops worldwide. He also provides services to magicians including consulting, prop design and fabrication, and lectures for magicians’ clubs. Magician Tulsa also owns a valuable collection of classic magician’s props and antique magic books and offers assistance in the liquidation of magicians’ estates.

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