iPad Stage Show

At Corporate Entertainment Agency we have an amazing range of technology themed entertainment, one of our most in demand artists are iPad Magicians or Digital Magicians. iPad or Digital Magicians can perform close up magic or incredible stage shows and the perfect entertainment for:

Unique Multi iPad Show

The iPad Magicians can produce a completely bespoke show with 10 iPads, their performance is eye-catching and has captivating digital tricks especially for your brand.  The bespoke show can last 5-15 minutes depending on budget and is scripted to your needs and incorporates visual digital tricks to showcase elements of your brand. This can be performed as a multi iPad show or a solo show.

If your budget cannot stretch to a bespoke show the iPad Magicians also have created an extremely modern and fun multi iPad show that is not bespoke but features content from Facebook, YouTube and other social media so perfect for technology themed events and lasts around 15 – 45 minutes, depending on requirements.  This can also be performed as a multi iPad show or a solo show.  Please get in touch to see which one best suits your event.

These iPad Magicians are based in the UK but available to perform all over the world and have recently amazed crowds in India, Switzerland, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ohio, Thailand, to name but a few.

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