The Queen of Hearts

Beautiful stilt walkers for events, this amazing The Queen of Hearts performer is the perfect entertainment act for Alice in Wonderland themed events or outdoor parties needing a splash of personality.

This sovereign can be joined by the Queen of Diamonds, Clubs and Spades for a highly unusual royal gathering. For other Wonderland antics, how about up to nine identically dressed Alices performing our beautifully choreographed ribbon show or stilt walk-about? Or for more delirious duplication we offer the dance of the March Hares. We have nine of these characters waiting to leap into action.  Maybe you favour a Cheshire Cat contortionist, ribbon or fire dancer or gymnast? The Queen can be incredibly interactive and can also perform choreographed dance-about or staged shows as a soloist or part of a larger group. As always, she can be adorned with lights (camp as Christmas and thrice the fun) and accompanied by her own portable music system if required.

  • Colourful and exuberant, this act uses the space and introduces a generous splash of colour and energy.
  • A perfect choice if you want to create a talking point or audience interaction.
  • Gorgeous for making a real impact in any space, the sheer scale of of this character cannot fail to impress.
  • Great for outdoor or indoor events.
  • Hilarious on a busy dance floor.

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