Magician Keynote Speaker

Magician Keynote Speaker is an individual who specializes in combining the art of magic with the craft of public speaking. Keelan is an expert at captivating his audience, using his magic skills to create an engaging and memorable experience.

Magician Keynote Speaker Keelan Leyser uses illusions and Mentalism to highlight his message and create a powerful impactful presentation. Keelan is known for his ability to inspire, educate and entertain audiences throughout the world, making him an excellent choice for any event that requires a unique and unforgettable experience.

Keelan also performs an entertainment show, which can be viewed here and also a virtual magic and Mentalism show, please see here for more details. Keelan is based in Las Vegas in the USA and also part-time in London in the UK and he is available to perform all over the world.


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