Burlesque Shows

Our beautiful artist is the world’s only tribute act to the world’s most famous burlesque legend and has been performing her show since debuting on the entertainment stage in 2008 and is the perfect entertainment for:

Burlesque Shows

Diamonds In The Buff

The artist’s stunning costumes pays tribute to one of the most famous burlesque artist’s most extravagant style.  Beautifully and tastefully removing each Swarovski layer this is pure sophistication and the perfect additional acts for the giant martini glass show.  This diamond show is 1950s burlesque at its best!

Pretty In Pink

Paying tribute to one of the world’s top burlesque artist’s signature styles wearing the iconic crystal top hat.  She entices your guests with her gorgeous feathers removing each layer down to a parasol!  A cute, fun, colourful girly act!   Performing as a glamorous showgirl this performance is stunning to watch!

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