Space Characters

Our space characters are a group of visually stunning characters who utilise skates, scooters, bouncing stilts and peg stilts to great mayhem and excitement.

The rubber aliens are 50s style, all green, fascinated by mankind, innocent, excitable and very curious.

The beam me up space characters scan their surroundings, the beam illuminates a small, inanimate robot.  She jerks to life and the two creations begin to explore each other.  This duo can also be joined by talented aerialists from above making a dramatic space show.

Our Bubble Boys are a great happy addition to your event, laughing, dancing, spinning bubble boys.

The two drones and hive queen can be hired separately but work best all together.

The creators of these characters take pride in being hands on when it comes to the design of our costumes and make-up.  As well as making a lot of their own costumes, they have commissioned work from other talented designers working with textile, leather, rubber and masks. The performers have also written, choreographed, directed and produced a number of acts and shows.

As well as designing for themselves, they have been commissioned to design for companies that have specific themes and events.  Please get in touch for further details.

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