DJ Daniela

DJ Daniela breathes life into any event. She is the soul of every party with a mission to entertain, making anyone dance to her fingertips.

Daniela was born in Brazil, and therefore at the core of her heart she derives enormous joy and satisfaction at seeing her fans and partygoers electrified by great sounding music, mixed and played in intelligent ways, skilfully projected. She ensures the use of top of the range 2014 Pioneer Nexus equipment, and the latest innovative sound effect production hardware/software, to deliver the best in sound quality delivery.

As for the content of her music set, she is constantly up to date with her music repertoire, and very careful with song choice. DJ Daniela has focused particularly on adapting to the crowd before her, and sensing the needs of her audience as the event progresses. She gives careful thought to each event prior to the day, and dedicates herself to preparing the right performance content, discussing this preparation with Venue managers in advance.

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