Beautiful calligraphy and letter art isn’t just for invitations. One of our internationally-renowned event calligraphers or artists can entertain your guests and provide them with a one-of-a-kind keepsake from your event at the same time.


No matter the theme of your event, we have a match for you. Our artists are trained in traditional European and Asian calligraphy. Each one has decades of practice and experience with making words come alive on paper in a wide range of letterforms and styles. Our artists are also entertainers. Let them show your guests the beauty of their art, step-by-step, projected onto a screen for all to see.

Hire a letter artist to make personalized favors for your wedding, with the date of your special day in your wedding colors. Calligraphers are a great choice for corporate events, too. See your logo in a whole new, warmer light when it’s executed in ink on paper by a trained artist.

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