iPad Magician France

iPad Magician France specialises in Magic, Photography and Videography. Hard to choose a label as he likes change! This artist started magic at the age of 7 years, with a box full of strange accessories.

Curious by nature, he gradually opened up to other forms of expression, such as mime he studied two years at the School of Mime Marcel Marceau. He was able to sample the precision of movement, rhythm, suspension of the body, the breath … During training he was also working as a magician for luxury brands (Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel …) but also for prestigious venues such as Olympia.

His hobbies have continued to multiply (design / picture / video / dance / …). After a quick visit to the School of Fine Arts de Cergy Pontoise, he decided to continue his only artistic explorations and enrich them with diverse and varied collaborations.  He has worked for magicians, as Stefan Leyshon (Shanghai Expo for Louis Vuitton, levitate a car to Citroën …), contemporary artists (Olivier Dollinger for “The Missing Viewer” and “Abstract Telling” the collective KIT), and theater (Alexandra Rübner and his play “words of silence”, Alexis Michalik for “The circle of illusionists’ or Estelle Savasta for” The preamble of stunned “). He also participated in several shows staged by Luc Petit include “Discovery of a new world that was played for a month in China.  It develops parallel photographic work, he cuts and cuts his videos to make montages, uses the video mapping and creating digital performances!

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