Xmas Corporate Party Ideas

Christmas seems to be closing in on us pretty quickly.  This means that it is now time to start thinking about the entertainment for your work’s Christmas party.  After all; you don’t want all of the best entertainment to be booked up, right?  Of course not!  Why not look into the idea of a different form of entertainment this year?  Now obviously there are countless numbers of Christmas party entertainment out there to choose from.  On this page I want to talk to you a little about finding the best though.

Living Snowmen Family

No Xmas Corporate event would be complete without Xmas walking snowman would it?  Perfect for photo opportunities and great if you are allowed to bring your kids as the Winterbottoms work as family fun day or even for Mix and mingle during a reception to set the scene!


Xmas Drummer Boys

Xmas Drummer boys look fabulous if your event has that silver theme!  They not only look great but sound amazing too!  Perfect to give your event that Glitz and Glam look you require!

LED Drummers

Cellist in a Snow Globe

What could be more classy for your Xmas Party then having a beautiful looking cellist in a snow globe!  This cellist is the best at what she does and is extremely in demand and so book her early as she is sought after all over the world.  She has been on numerous television shows and is a favorite of many celebrities!  Book this incredible musician before it’s too late!

Cellist in a snowglobe

Festive Elves

What more do you need at a Christmas Party than two colourfully dressed elves carry a spectacular, illuminated  tower of presents.  Armed with quill, clipboard, pocket watch & whistle Head Elf Horris attempts to keep their delivery on schedule, as Junior Elf Norris struggles and clowns with the teetering tower of presents.  Both elves are ever watchful for people with names on the list of those who have been good!  Perfect Xmas entertainment!

Festive Elves

If you are interested in any of the above artists do either CALL US ON +44 (0) 20 7965 7372 for a friendly chat to discuss your event or CLICK TO ENQUIRE we look forward to adding some spectacular entertainment to your event.