If you are considering something slightly different for your next event our Unique Tea Events are beautiful, engaging and inspiring and perfect for private and corporate clients across the UK. Tea tastings, tea making workshops and tea ceremonies are our most popular events but we are very flexible in our approach offering bespoke formats to suit all.

What does a typical event involve?

  • Classic Chinese Green Teas
  • Events for 8-20 people run from 1-2 hours according to the format and typically include 5-6 teas hand picked for each event e.g. ‘The Classic Teas of China’, ‘Green Teas of Japan’ or ‘High Mountain Oolongs of Taiwan’.
  • All teas, teaware and equipment is provided and events can be run at indoor or outdoor (covered) locations.
  • We are organised and self sufficient – all we require are chairs, tables and a power outlet.Why the Tea Events appeal to clients?

Every guest leaves our events feeling uplifted with a big smile on their face and a valuable appreciation for the teas they have tasted and the friends they have shared tea with.

  • Inclusiveness – Tea really brings people together and everyone can get involved.
  • Passion – We have deep subject knowledge and a passion for sharing it.
  • Accessibility – Tasting notes are provided and no prior knowledge is required.
  • Education – Learn everything you ever wanted to know about all the tea in China….or Japan…or India
  • Alcohol Free – Unlike wine tasting everyone can get fully involved – and then drive home afterwards


“The Japanese Green Tea Tasting was a thoroughly stimulating and engaging experience. The small-case format, combined with the hosts approachability and expertise, was conducive to conversation and learning. Many thanks to James for this event – I hope there will be many more”  Pierre Antoine, THE WHISKY SHOP

“An attention to detail for the story behind what we were drinking along with beautiful tea in a beautiful setting made the event I attended a real pleasure” Dan Harris, MY LIFE MY CHOICE

Find out more…

To find out more about this unique addition to your event please get in touch with our account managers at Corporate Entertainment Agency.