At CEA we have provided artists for many car launches around the world, most recently BMW in India, Honda in Kuwait and Lexus in the UK. Our clients are always looking for something unique to reveal their new car and we love helping them decide between our wonderful acts.

Jumping Stilt Artists

Our Jumping Stilt Artists performed in Kuwait for a Honda car Launch, the artists skilfully jumped over the new car and around the showroom wowing the guests with their amazing talent.  For this particular event the client booked two jumping stilt artists and one floor based acrobat, but they have many different combinations available including stunt bike riders, jugglers and hoop artists.

Video Mapping

Our high-tech video mapping show is always unique and creates a real wow factor in the showroom, the team can produce a bespoke projection onto any vehicle or a screen in the showroom, they can even provide a hologram of the car’s logo! Another addition to their show are dancers to interact with the car and projected imagery.

Sand Art

Sand artists can create a charming, bespoke story of the car’s history, producing images from sand of the first ever car and transforming the sand into the latest model. The artist will produce a storyboard to be approved by you to make sure your client will have the perfect entertainment for their car launch.

Speed Painters

A speed painter is stunning act to show the before and after car model, at the beginning of the event, creating in record time, the first ever car produced by the brand and for the finale a painting, using either traditional paint or the sparkly and beautiful glue and glitter, of the new car model.

LED & Lasers

Using state of the art technology our futurist LED and laser acts can create a stunning atmosphere in the blacked out showroom.  At CEA we have a huge list of LED and Laser acts from dancers and musicians to robots and magicians, incredible artists to set a great scene for your car launch.