Acro Characters

Our Acro Characters are a splendid addition to any event, quirky, flirty & very entertaining.  Pick from some amazing themes, Sailor, Funky Santa, Strongmen, Mario, City Slickers and Edwardian Brothers

Our Acro Characters are a splendid addition to any event, quirky, flirty and very entertaining.

Sailors – Land Ahoy!  Our intrepid seamen are perfect for any event with a nautical theme.  No crows nest? No problem, as our astounding sailors simply balance on top of each other in a human tower.  Walk the plank? Not likely as our guys will tumble and somersault on it.


Strongmen – Hailing from the golden age of music hall we are indeed proud to present the strongmen ‘Victor’, ‘Ian’ and their younger brother ‘Barnaby.’  Both on the ground and up in the air on the high trapeze the ‘Strong Brothers’ will perform extraordinary feats of strength, daring and balance.  They are sure to leave any audience stunned  with appreciation. Roll up, Roll up for the Greatest Show on Earth!  Victor and Ian are also able to offer a comedy duo trapeze act.


Edwardian Bathers –  Oooooh I say… Splish Splash!  These talented chaps are perfect for making a splash at any event  with their quirky blend of cheeky humour and amazing acrobatics.  With twirly moustaches and lots of banter, the bathers simply ooze both charm and hairgel.  The bathers also have a couple of female bathing companions who can join them at events if required.


Mario Characters –  Badda-Boing!  Spring into action with Mario, Luigi and the  villainous Wario.  The crafty Wario can often be seen picking up a  damsel from the audience with an amazing lift,  while the cheeky Mario and Luigi are more  likely to steal a quick kiss on the cheek!  For larger events we can also supply other  Nintendo Characters from a fire breathing


Funky Santa –  Ho, ho, ho!  Funky Santa is on the loose, handing out merriment and mirth to one and all. Performing festive acrobatics with his elves, you won’t want to miss out on this feast of joyous entertainment. Just watch out when there’s mistletoe about, his funky moves will always attract some admirers.

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