Salsa Dance Duo

Salsa Dance Duo is a very entertaining and unique dance act featuring DeLarry and Corina. The couple’s performance showcases various elements of Cuban Salsa including Casino, Rumba, Afro and Son to name but a few, tastefully fused with the dancer’s own style and flavour. They are the current Swiss Champions in Cuban Salsa and Latino Show.


Salsa Dance Duo are very energetic and passionate dancers who combine their talents to come up with exciting shows which are always an entertaining watch. They take the audience on a journey from the passionate slow Son dance to the electrifying Timba and breathtaking lifts underlined by the rhythmic beats of Latin Music. The dancers’ athleticism and beautiful costumes add to the aesthetics of their performance.
Salsa Dance Duo are also very passionate teachers. Besides their regular Salsa Classes they teach fun introductory classes at Birthday parties, Hen nights and other private and cooperate events.