R&B/Soul Crooner Mike

R&B/Soul Crooner Mike, is a true reflection of dedication and perseverance.  For close to a decade he has remained at the forefront of the underground urban music scene in Australia.  Perfect Entertainment for:


Ten years in the making, he is set to release his debut album to the world.  Drawing inspiration from the likes of Marvin Gaye, D’Angelo, Musiq Soulchild & Maxwell, R&B/Soul Crooner Mike oozes an envious yet humble charm and charisma his fellow musicians admire.  With boyish good looks, a poetic mind and a voice to dim the lights, Mike is undoubtedly a natural-born superstar.

R&B/Soul Crooner Mike is a singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist, was born in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.  
Of South African descent this young star was born only a year after his parents immigrated to Australia.  At an early age it became apparent to his parents that Mike had a natural ability to sing, dance and captivate just about any audience with his raw talent.  At the age of eight Mike joined a band with his sisters and began rapping at various nightclubs around Sydney.  During his school years he began writing songs after realising he was able to connect lyrics with melodies.  He would often be found in his bedroom late at night writing and singing to himself.