Quick Change Artists Perform at the Festival della Vacanza

This weekend in Lecce, Puglia, in Italy, the amazing Keelan and Charlotte performed for a huge crowd at the Theatro Politeama Greco.  This beautiful venue was the setting for the Festival Della Vacanza (Party of the Holiday) and the line up of the festival included artists from all over Europe including a roller skating duo, a ballerina duo, an acrobat, sand artist, musicians and the incredible quick change illusion show by Keelan and Charlotte.

The Quick Change duo performed a 7 minute show with 10 changes!  They combine magic and dance in a seamlessly beautiful show.  This duo are considered as real experts in this field and have performed in over 60 countries and multiple TV shows.

Multi talented Magician and Quick Change Illusionist Keelan opens the show with his incredible sleight of hand magic and it unfolds into the stunning quick change performance with the talented and stunning dancer; Charlotte, the show is high energy with stunning, eye catching costumes and wonderful dance moves.

To find out more about how to book this incredible, award winning, Quick Change duo get in touch with our account managers today.  They are available to perform all over the world at corporate events, festivals, product launches and many more.