Do you want to infuse an island vibe into your event?  Hire our tropical Polynesian artistes!  New Zealand, Hawaii, the Easter Island, and the more than 1000 islands ensconced between them, stand out because of the thrilling lifestyles of their Polynesian residents.  And, our traditional performers have acts that celebrate the diverse cultures present in the entire Polynesia and will present you these regardless of your event’s location.

You can look forward to ancient and contemporary dancers, original Hawaiian chants, Tahitian music, limbo dancers as well as fire knife-spinning dancers from Samoa.  The wonderful choreographies, brilliant themed costumes and breathtaking rhythms all conspire to mold an enchanting environment suitable for festivals, cabarets, carnivals, themed functions and even promotions.  Our rousing and delightfully foreign performances are available as unrestricted stage shows, enchanting background entertainment or responsive acts that encourage exchanges.

These performances cover the entire landscape of entertainment needs, from traditional age-old Polynesian tunes to Elvis Blue Hawaii.  Moreover, the artistes can customize their performances to include any musical piece or a combo of performances to create an entertainment package suitable for your event.  Make your occasion memorable by letting us provide something extraordinary!


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