What do Mind Readers do?  Mind reading, or mentalism, is a performing art that has gained a lot of attraction over the past couple of years.  This is mostly down to the prominence of mentalists such as Derren Brown on TV.  The idea of a mentalist is not a new concept though. Mind reading as a performance art can be traced back centuries.  There is some suggestion that this type of magic was performed back in ancient Greece, although it really took off during the 19th Century when the United Kingdom was very much engrossed in the supernatural world.

So, what does a mind reader do? Well; they will give you the impression that they are able to read your mind.  They may even give you the impression that they are able to carry out mind control, or perhaps even demonstrate their connection to the supernatural world. It is worth noting that all mind readers are different. Mentalism is a huge area of performance and what may be performed by one person may not necessarily be performed by somebody else.  You should bear this in mind if you are searching for a mind reader in London.

It is important to note that much of the mind reader’s act will not be in the tricks that they perform, although they will certainly make people awestruck when performed correctly.  The bulk of the entertainment value in mind reading is down to the way in which the performer is able to deliver the trick.  I mean; take a look at mind readers like Derren Brown.  If you have ever seen one of his shows you will see that he is absolutely spot-on in terms of delivery.  The tricks he performs can quite often be mundane (when he is not performing one of his event TV tricks at least), but they do grip people. In fact; you can even take a look at Uri Geller. He has made a career off bending spoons.  Anybody can do this in their kitchen, right?  Of course they can.  Buy a cheap spoon from Ikea and you can bend to your heart’s content.  Uri Geller is popular because he is able to deliver the trick in a brilliant way though.  He turns the art of bending spoons into something quite brilliant through the fact that he claims to have genuine supernatural powers.  The fact that everything is in the delivery of the trick does make finding a mind reader in London quite difficult.  This is simply down to the fact that it takes a lot of skill to make somebody believe that their mind is actually being read, controlled, or whatever else.  It is therefore important that you do take the time to find an experienced magician.  If you can do that, you can look forward to absolutely brilliant entertainment.  When you are tracking down a magician it is important to see their performance videos beforehand. This will enable you to get a grasp on whether they are good or not.