Hedge Men

Have a tree hug with some amazing real life Hedge Men!  Introducing one of the planet’s most quirky, outrageous and downright silly walkabout entertainment acts – The Hedge Men! Straight from the pages of a fairy story these human shaped bushes have come to life to walk, talk and cuddle their way around leading events worldwide.

You’ll never look at your own bush the same way after you meet one of these cheeky trees. They look exactly like the real thing only better, bigger, noisier and funnier. The Hedge People have caused hilarity wherever they’ve appeared, are you brave enough to have a picture with them? Be careful, you might become part of the entertainment.

The Hedge People have entertained thousands of people at some amazing places, here are just a few of the wonderful International bookings where they’ve shown off their fabulously funny foliage:

Australia’s National Tree Day 2012 (official entertainers Sydney and Melbourne), Toronto Town Hall Park 2010 (opening of a new public park), Flipside Festival Singapore 2013, Proud To Be Kuwaiti Festival – Kuwait City 2013, Take Another Look – Indonesian Tour 2011, IFC Mall Hong Kong (Official Christmas Entertainers), Ideal Home Show 2012 – London (Official Entertainers), Virgin Atlantic (Entertainers at events in Amsterdam and Miami), Beeldig Lommel – Belgium (Street theatre festival), Etisalat Egypt Anniversary (Festival in Cairo) – plus hundreds of corporate and private events!

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